2022   CX 889, Vancouver Art Gallery Offsite, Canada (guest curator Godfre Leung, Interim Chief Curator/Associate Director Diana Freundl, Curatorial Assistant Julie Martin)
2021   Marvin ❤️ Henry, 56 Henry, New York, NY
2019   Embassy S_ites, Tomorrow Maybe, Hong Kong (curator Chantal Wong)
           Dear John, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), New York, NY (curator Holly Shen)
2018   Aloha to the World at the Don Ho Terrace, Bronx Museum, New York, NY (curator Sergio Bessa)
           CX 888, de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong
2017   Dear John, Tremaine Gallery at the Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, CT     
2016   Grown Up Art, Present Company, New York, NY
2013   RENT, Fjord Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
           Demoiselles d’Avignon, Y Gallery, New York, NY
           Privileged White People, Forever & Today, New York, NY
2011   Single Channel: Lesbian Mountains in Love, Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, IA (curator Gilbert Vicario)
2010   Regional Painting, Winkleman Gallery, New York, NY
           Like Death, New Mexico Will Catch Up with You in the End, The Fischer Press, Santa Fe, NM (two-person with Kevin Zucker)
2009   Et in Arcadia Ego, EDS Galeria, Mexico City, Mexico
           Lesbian Mountains in Love, Delaware Center for Contemporary Art (curator Carina Evangelista)
2008   Time Machines, Jackson Hole Art Center, Jackson, WY
           Happy Birthday, Winkleman Gallery, New York, NY


2023    My Whole World, Baader-Meinhof Gallery, Omaha NE (curator Kyle Laidig)
2022    Witches Own Without, Current Plans, Hong Kong (curators Wong Kit Yi, Eunice Tsang, Lok Wong)
            Lustrous like plastic: Heman Chong, Christopher K. Ho, Bo Wang, WangShui, Bard CCS Hessel Museum, Annandale-On-Hudson, NY (curator Junni Chen)
            i set my face to the hillside, PS122 Gallery, New York (curator Ian Cofre)
            Rendering, PHD Group, Hong Kong
2021    Group Exhibition #3, Fall River MoCA, MA (curators Harry Gould Harvey IV and Brittni Harvey)
            A Higher Calling, White Space, Shunyi, Beijing (curator Shen Chen)
            Expanded Field, OCHI Aux, Los Angeles, CA (curator Meghan Gordon)
            Any distance between us, RISD Museum, Providence, RI (curators Stephen Truax and Dominic Molon)
            So long, thanks again for the fish «拜拜 你條尾», Helsinki International Artist Program (HIAP), Finland (curator Yeewan Koon)
2020    Meditations in an Emergency, UCCA Beijing (curators Neil Zhang, Guo Xi, Luan Shixuan, Ara Qiu, Rocky Lin, and Duffy Du)
            Beaver Co., Ltd., F Magazine issue 10 (editor Adam Marnie)
            Next Act: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong, Asia Society Hong Kong (curators Joyce Wong, Katherine Don, Tiffany Law, and Doris Poon)
2019    Diplomacy, Yeh Art Gallery, St John's University, Queens, NY (curator Owen Duffy)
            Forget Sorrow Grass: An Archaeology of Feminine Time, Times Museum Guangdong, China (curators Jianru Wu and Sirui Zhang)
            Turbulence on CX 888, RxArt Coloring Book volume 7
            Figuring the Floral, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY (curator Eileen Jeng Lynch)
2018    Notebook, 56 Henry, New York, NY (curator Joanne Greenbaum)
            AXxoN N.: A Collective Commentary on David Lynch’s Inland Empire, Essex Flowers, New York, NY (organizers Jonathan Ehrenberg and Sean McCarthy)
            Of Purism, Nina Johnson, Miami, FL (curators Charlap Hyman & Herrero)
            Deep Flash: On Art and Transformation, VisArts, Rockville, MD (curators Susan Main and Jose Ruiz)
            Intimacy, Yossi Milo, New York, NY (curator Stephen Truax)
            USPS უსპს, Visual Art, Architecture & Design School, Free University of Tbilisi, Georgia (curators Dana Frankfort and Vera Iliatova)
            The Last Equestrian Portrait, SPRING/BREAK, New York, NY (curators Kyle Hittmeier and Amanda Nedham)
            Hecho en Transito / Made in Transit: A U.S.-Cuban Art Exchange, The Macy Gallery, Teachers College, Columbia University; and The Salena Gallery, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus (curator Katarina Wong)
2017    尋求無情小姐 [In Search of Miss Ruthless], Para Site, Hong Kong (curators Hera Chan and David Xu Borgonjon)
            White Lies, SpaceCamp, Baltimore, MD (curator, MICA Curatorial Practice MFA '18)
            Sensible Disobedience, Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City, MO (curator Lynnette Miranda)
            Project 12: Drew Bennett, Christopher K. Ho, and Anna Kunz, C2C Project Space, San Francisco, CA (organizer Kirk Stoller)
2016    Thanksgiving, Muse Arts, Hong Kong (curators Michelle Y. Loh and Aaron Zulpo)
            Making Progress, Project: ArtSpace, New York, NY (curators Kevin Curran and Liz Atzberger)
            ALOE: A Language of Exaltation: Seven Artists Reflect on Their Work, FiveMyles, New York, NY (organizer Larry Qualls)
            My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days, AC Institute, New York, NY (curator Osman Can Yerebakan)
2015    Field Meeting: St Joseph as Model, Asia Contemporary Art Week, Hunter College Art Galleries, New York, NY (organizer Leeza Ahmedy)
            Christopher K. Ho: East Coast Tour, F Magazine issue 3 (editor Adam Marnie)
            Perfect Heir, F Magazine issue 2 (editor by Adam Marnie)
            Sylvie Bataille, JOAN, Los Angeles, CA (organizer Adam Marnie)
            Made in USA / Some Parts Imported, Tiger Strikes Astroid New York, NY (organizers Naomi Reis and Heidi Lau)
            Fictions, Derek Eller Gallery, New York, NY (organizer Adam Marnie)
2014    Half Drop, Gallery 81435, Telluride, CO (curator Meredith Neminrov)
            Ten, Cindy Rucker Gallery, New York, NY (organizer David Andrew Frey)
            Maspeth's World of Wheels: The Dad Look, Knockdown Center, New York, NY (organizer, Pete Watts)
2013    Spitball, Storefront Ten Eyck, New York, NY (curator Progress Report)
            Wanderings and Wonderings: How I Feel Inside, Storm King Art Center, New Windsor, NY (curator Victoria Lichtendorf)
            Eyes of Mars, Harper's Bazaar Hong Kong Art Issue (curator Hiram To)
            Silence Unbound, Center for Book Arts, New York, NY (curator Heather Powell)
            The Book Lovers, Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp, Belgium (2012); de Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2013) (organizers David Maroto and Joanna Zielinska)
2012    LOVE: Conceptual Strategies in Contemporary Painting, ARTBLOGARTBLOG at One River Gallery, Englewood, NJ (curator Stephen Truax)
            Cultural Transference, The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, NY (curator Sara Reisman)
            Tell Me What You REALLY Feel, Center for Book Arts, New York, NY (curator Alex Campos)
            Bound By Silence, Dowd Gallery at SUNY Cortland, NY (curator Heather Powell)
            The Meeting, International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York, NY (curators Nick Kline and Monika Wuhrer)
2011    No Object Is an Island, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI (curators Gregory Wittkopp and Sara Pineo-Margolis)
            Flag Day, Islip Art Museum, Islipm, MA (curator Janet Goleas)
            Contain, Maintain, Sustain, Artisphere, Washington Projects for the Arts, Arlington, VA (curators Welmoed Laanstra, Sara Reisman, and Ernesto Santalla)
2010    Intangible Interferences, Momenta, New York, NY (curator Denise Carvalho)
            Seedlings, Dallas Contemporary Art Center, TX (curator Regine Basha)
            Room without a View, Freies Museum, Berlin, Germany (curator Trong Gia Nguyen)
            White Night, Markus Winter Gallery, Berlin, Germany (curator Marco Antonini)
            The Tenants, 106 Green, New York, NY (curator Vera Iliatova)
            The Pavilion of Realism, Other Gallery, Shanghai, China (curator Raul Zamudio)
2009    Phantom Limb, 179 Canal, New York, NY (curator Mari Spirito)
            Incheon Biennale, Incheon, Korea (curator Heng-Gil Han)
            Con-Texto, EDS Galeria, Mexico City, Mexico
            Never Late Than Better, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, NY (curator Trong Gia Nguyen)
            Solution, DiverseWorks, Houston, TX (curator Janet Phelps)
2008    Landscape as Litmus, Museum of Contemporary Art, Banha Luka, Republic of Srpska (curator Sara Reisman)
            Metro Poles, Culture in Action, The Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, New York, NY (curators Heng-Gil Han and Jose Ruiz)
            Engineering Asia and New World, special exhibition at the Asian Contemporary Art Fair, New York, NY (curator Heng-Gil Han)
            Chinese Biennial, Chinese Base and Huan Tie Museum, Beijing, China (curators Pan Xing Lei and Koan Jeff Baysa)
            Made in America, Peel Gallery, Houston, TX (curator Janet Phelps)
            Latitude, NYCAMS Gallery of Bethel University, New York, NY (curators Andrea Stanislav and Isha Bolhing)
            Busan Biennale, Busan Sculpture Project, APEC Naru Park, Busan, Korea (curator Lee Jeong-hyung)
            Cultivate, MASS MoCA at the Berkshire Botanical Gardens, Stockbridge, MA (curator Denise Markonish)
            Estacionarte, MACO, Mexico City, Mexico (curator Sergio Nates; sponsor EDS Galeria; selector Gilbert Vicario)   
2007    The Shape of Things to Come, Redhead Gallery at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York, NY (curator Marco Antonini)
            Art Cleveland, Reinberger Galleries, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH
            PILOT:3, SS. Cosma e Damiano on the Giudecca in conjunction with the Venice Biennale; Chelsea School of Art in conjunction with the Frieze Art Fair
            Why + Wherefore, (curators Lumi Tan, Nick Weist and Summer Guthery)
            Dedicated to the Search for the Miraculous, SooFlex, Knoxville, TN (curators Mike Calway-Fagen and Julian Rogers)
            Ceci n'est pas...., Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York, NY (curators Rachel Gugelberger and Jeffrey Walkowiak)
            Latitude, Fieldgate Gallery, London, England (curators Andrea Stanislav and Isha Bolhing)
            Jamaica Flux, Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, New York, NY (curators Heng-Gil Han, Koan Jeff Baysa, and Olu Oguibe)
2006    8 x 8 x 8: NYC / MSP / LON, The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN (curators Andrea Stanislav and Patty McMeans)
            Art Lies: Sincerity Issue, Austin, TX (editor Regine Basha)2005    New York Eviction Blues, Asian American Arts Centre, New York, NY
            Sculpture 2005, Franconia Sculpture Park, Minneapolis, MN 
2004    Sunrise Sunset, Smack Mellon, New York, NY (curators Amanda Church and Courtney Martin)
            Freehand, Marvelli Lab, New York, NY (curator Rachel Gugelberger)
2003    Microviews II, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York, NY
            i live by the sea, Nuart Scandinavian Art Festival, Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway
            Float, Socrates Sculpture Park, New York, NY (curator Sara Reisman)
            The 4 Elements, Forest Hills Educational Trust, Boston, MA (curator Cecily Miller)
            Valdez: Revolution Issue, Bogota, Colombia (editor François Bucher)
2002    Microviews, Municipal Art Society, New York, NY
            zingmagazine curated projects, New York (curator Omar Lopez-Chahoud)
            Hash Brown Potatoes, Smack Mellon, New York, NY (curator Omar Lopez-Chahoud)
2001    Crossing the Line, Queens Museum of Art, New York, NY (curator Valerie Smith)
            Fictive Net Porn,, New York (curator Paul Clay)
            Pedigree Pal: Neudefinition van Familie, Stedhalle, Zurich, Switzerland (curator Frederikke Hansen)
2000    Opening, Galerie 5ème Etage, Paris, France (curator Sebastien Cambray)
            White Hot, Smack Mellon Studios, New York, NY (curators Regine Basha and Moukhtar Kocache)
            U.S.A.: Sidelong Glance, im n iL Gallery, New York, NY (curator Omar Lopez-Chahoud)

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2019    Dynasty III, PS122 Gallery, New York, NY, Co-curator
2016    Fatherhood, This Friday Next Friday, New York, NY, Curator
2014    The Chicago Effect: Redefining the Middle, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL, Co-curator
201      Dynasty II, Hotel Partciulier, New York, NY, Co-organizer
2011    In the Wake of 2013: Incheon Women Artists’ Biennale, Korea, Co-curator
2008    El Museo del Ghetto: Jefferson Pinder and Jose Ruiz, G Fine Art, Washington, D.C., Curator
            Rotation X, Memorial Hall Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, Faculty
2008    The Shallow Curator, Winkleman Gallery, New York, NY, Co-curator
2005    Jack: Ian Burns, Adam Cvijanovic, Gedi Sibony, Cuchifritos, New York, NY, Co-curator
2004    Jamaica Flux, Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, New York, NY, Co-curator
2003    A Night of Entertainment: Larry Krone and Guy Richards Smit, apexart curatorial program, New York, NY, Co-curator
            The Brewster Project, Brewster, NY, Founding Co-organizer and -curator
2002    Now Serving, Art in General, New York, NY, Co-curator
2001    The Brewster Project, Brewster, NY, Founding Co-organizer and -curator
1999    UNPACKING, 2 Empty Apartments, New York, NY, Co-curator   

2021    Best! Letters from Asian Americans in the arts, co-edited with Daisy Nam and Paper Monument (New York: Paper Monument)
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2023      Indiana University, Eskenazi School of Art / McKinney Visiting Artist
2020-21 FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) / Artist Fellow
2021      Middlebury College, Art 169 / Visiting Lecturer
              School of the Art Institute of Chicago, New Arts Journalism Department / Visiting Lecturer
              UCLA, Asian American Publishing Class / Visiting Lecturer
              University of California Berkeley, Center for Chinese Studies / Visiting Lecturer
2020      Baruch College, Department of  Fine and Performing Arts / Visiting Artist
              Portland State University / Visiting Artist
              FIT and Hyde Park Art Center / “Residencies Connect: Christopher K. Ho and Abigail DeVille in Conversation”
              Claremont Graduate University, Center for Business & Management of the Arts / Visiting Critic
2016-20 Maryland Institute College of Art, Curatorial Practice / Faculty
2017      Pratt Institute / Critic at Large
2009–17Rhode Island School of Design, Department of Painting / Critic
2016      Rhode Island School of Design, Glass Department / Critic
              Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design / Mentor
              Parsons, Graduate School of Art / VA
              Brown University / VA
              George Washington University / VA
              Cranbrook Art Academy, Department of Painting / VA
              Rhode Island School of Design, Glass Department / VA
              Virginia Commonwealth University, Summer Studies / Faculty
2015      Virginia Commonwealth University, Painting Department / Visiting Faculty
              Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design / VA
              Pratt Institute / VA
2013      Cranbrook Art Academy, Department of Painting / VA
              School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Arts Administration and Policy / VA
              Sotheby's Institute / VA
2011      University of Delaware, School of Art / VA
              New York University, Museum Studies / VA
              Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts / VA
2010      Cranbrook Art Academy / Critical Studies Fellow
              Columbia University, School of Art / Friday Sessions Panelist
2007–08Rhode Island School of Design, History of Art and Visual Culture / Term Appointment
2008      Rhode Island School of Design, Glass Department / VA
2007      University of Minnesota, Department of Art / VA
2007, 2006            
              Rhode Island School of Design, Department of Painting / Critic,
2006      University of Tennessee, Department of Art / VA

2005      University of Hartford, Department of Art / VA
              Florida Atlantic University, Department of Art / VA

2002–04Rhode Island School of Design, Art History / Term Appointment
2003      Yale University / VA
              Rhode Island School of Design, Department of Photography / VA
2002      Rhode Island School of Design, Art History / Critic
2001      New York University / VA
              Columbia University / Teaching Fellow
2000      Rhode Island School of Design, Art History / Critic
1999      Columbia University / Teaching Fellow


2021-    Asia Art Archive / Executive Director
2020-    Telluride Arts / Board Member
2020-    Asia Contemporary Art Forum / Board Member
2021     The Power Plant Toronto / Co-moderator, "Hong Kong Is a Loaded Term: Mega/Imagined/Future Cities with Aihwa Ong, Dawn Chan, and Howie Tsui"
             Human Resources Los Angeles / Co-moderator, "John Tain, C. Spencer Yeh, and Howie Chen"
             Brooklyn Rail  / Panelist, “Common Ground: New Social Environment”
             A4: Asian Amercan Arts Alliance / Co-moderator, “Sung Kwan Kim and Brendan Fernandes in Conversation”
             Museum of Chinese in America / "Curators in Conversation: Herb Tam and Christopher K. Ho"
             Printed Matter Art Book Fair / Moderator, “Mel Chin, Aruna D’Souza, Patrick Jaojoco, and Hyperlink Press”
             Asia Society Hong Kong / “Christopher K. Ho in Conversation with Willem Molesworth”
2021-18Asia Art Archive / Board Member
2021-15Asia Art Archive in America / Board Member
2020     NYFA / Mentor, Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program
             Asia Art Archive in America / Co-organizer, “Leadership Camp IV: Other Racisms”
             Washington Project for the Arts / Juror, Wherewithal Research Grant
             Asia Society New York / Moderator, Virtual Book Club, Cathy Park Hong’s Minor Feelings
             Trigger / Speaker, “Christopher K. Ho and Leung Chi Wo”
             Pratt Institute / Panelist, “Asian Diasporas in Contemporary Art: Myths of Homeland and Return”
2019     Asia Art Archive in America / Co-organizer, “Leadership Camp III: Model Minority and Model Majorities”
2013-8  NURTUREart / Boardmember; Chair of Education Committee (2013-16)                 
2018     PS122 Gallery / Advisory Committee
             Kitchen L.A.B / Speaker, “On Representation: Backstrom, Burns, Ho,” moderated by Nicole Kaack
             Asia Art Archive in America / Co-organizer, “Leadership Camp II: Engendering Leadership”
             Pioneer Works / Visiting Critic
2017     NARS Foundation Residency / Visiting Critic
             CUE Art Foundation / Advisory Council
             Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation / Moderator, "China-US Cultural and Creative Dialogue”
             Salt Projects, Beijing / Speaker
             Pinto Museum, New York / Interview with Yael Buencamino, Managing Curator, Ateneo Art Gallery at the Ateneo de Manila University
             Present Futures Library, Open Engagement: Justice in Chicago / Contributor
2016     Forward Union Fair / Speaker, “The Syllabus”
             Asia Contemporary Art Week / Moderator, “Field Meeting: Thinking Practice”
             Asia Art Archive in America / Co-organizer, “Leadership Camp I: Envisioning Institutions”
             Residency Unlimited / Visiting Artist
2015     Tiger Strikes Astroid New York / Panelist, “Golden Age: Perspectives on Abstract Painting Today”
             Tapp’s Art Center / Panelist, “Golden Age: Perspectives on Abstract Painting Today”
2013-4  Momenta / Board Member
2014     Gertrude / Speaker
             Center for Book Arts / Speaker 

2013     Museum of Chinese in America / Speaker
             A Slender Gamut / Speaker, “Upfront Night”

2012     Museum of Arts and Design / Moderator, "Local Behavior: What Makes an American Designer?"
             NURTUREart / Co-chair, Benefit Committee

2011     601 Artspace / Panelist, "Narrative Objects"
2008-10Bronx River Art Center / Advisory Committee

2009     Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning / Panelist, “2009 Workspace Residency”

2008     College Art Association Dallas / Co-chair, “Painting and Critique in the Age of the Market”
             Ohio Arts Council / Juror, Individual Excellence Award 
             Artists Alliance / Juror, Individual Artists Grant        
2006-7  Cuchifritos / Curatorial Committee
2007     Rhode Island School of Design, Departments of Architecture, Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture, and the Division of Graduate Studies / Moderator, “Conversation with Vito Acconci”
             Lower Manhattan Cultural Council / Visiting Artist
2004     Art Omi / Visiting Critic
             artwurl magazine / Panelist, “artwurl recommends” 
             Korea Society / Panelist, “Butternut Ink”
             Center for Book Arts / Juror
             Asian American Arts Centre / Juror
2003     Lower Manhattan Cultural Council / Panelist, “Archive”
             College Art Association New York / Panelist, “Crossings: Artistic and Curatorial Practice”
             Kunsthalle Exnergasse / Speaker, “Inscribing the Temporal”
             Art in General / Speaker, “Canal Street Projects”
             Municipal Art Society / Panelist, “Microviews”
2001-2  Art in General / Advisory Board

2000-2  apexart curatorial program / Director of Conference and Residency Programs

2001     apexart curatorial program / Organizer and Moderator, “Inside / Out: Cultural Hegemony and the Reinvestigation of Indigenous Culture”
             Location One / Panelist, “Art and Performance 2001: Celebrating 25 years of PAJ”

             Queens Museum of Art / Panelist, “New York City: One Panorama, Seven Views”

2023      Surf Point Foundation, York, ME / Artist-in-Residence
2022      Alex Brown Residency, Des Moines, IA / Artist-in-Residence
2021-20 Painting Space 122, New York / Artist-in-Residence
2019      Rauschenberg Residency, Captiva Island, FL / Artist-in-Residence
              Wave Hill Winter Workspace, Bronx, NY / Artist-in-Residence
2018      Davidoff Art Initiative, Dominican Republic / Curator-in-Residence
2016      New Museum, New York, NY / R+D Sessions: Legacy Seminar, Participant

2014      Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL / Curator-in-Residence
2009      Anderson Ranch, Snowmass Village, CO / Visiting Artist
2008      Jackson Hole Art Center, Jackson, WY / Artist-in-Residence
2005      Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer, MN / Jerome Foundation Fellowship Artist-in-Residence
2004      Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York, NY / Artist-in-Residence

2003       Columbia University, M.Phil, Art History
1997       Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, B.F.A. Architecture
1996       Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, B.S. (Honors) History of Architecture and Urbanism
1992       Hotchkiss School